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Old 8th July 2017
Lives for gear

Based on 40+ years of pro sound work I recommend investing in high quality pro speaker systems: Meyer, D&B and KV2 are three of my go to favorite brands. I also know stellar investment in a carefully selected mic locker will provide useful service and stand the test of time.
All processing is far more likely to become obsolete and financially problematic. When the secondary market dies the best bet is to donate yeaterdays boutique gear for a tax deduction. Unfortunately I have recently donated to a small local church a 24 channel Gl2800 console, and several SKB cases full of hard wear. I gave my 14 year old grandson the QU16 that was my initial excursion into the digital processing world. I have a dormant UA 4-710d & ADL600 with a UFX interface that was my studio go to before I crossed over to a Digigrid/Waves LV1 system that provides super sonic quality and handles studio and live concert work with ease.
The KV2 ES FOH stacks and EX10 wedges I bought 12 years ago, along with 4 of John Peluso's finest mics and several of Audio Technica's best mics including a 4060 with a mullard NOS tube, are functioning today as well as they were when purchased. I also still occasionally use the RE20s that were acquired in the 70s.
Bottom line put your serious $ into speakers and mics and use great caution in chasing the fast moving technology in audio processing.