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Well, I think Dolby understands that.
Thats why they created a Atmos sound bar and called it a blown away bla-bla-bla thing.
Again when I was at their presentation and asked to compare their Atmos from-a-bar to a regular stereo, they gently tried to get me out of the room.
Because stereo sounded much-much better.
But this doesn't matter at all for the consumers. Dolby wants them to say: "I now have a true theatrical immersive sound in my home. The quality is not a function. What does matter is that Dolby wants the Atmos to be "a standard" everywhere. They don't own stereo or 5.1, but they do the Atmos.
I have a relative who is well off enough that he always seems to have whatever hifi-for-TV scam is currently in fashion. I have no doubt that by now he has some sort of big Atmos sound bar deal, and like every system that has preceded it in his "great room" everything will be turned up to "11" (with the TV in "store display" mode). He won't really pay attention or have any clue about what is different or better than what he had before. Someone will have told him that this is the new boffo deal for watching sports etc, the dealer will send someone to install it, and he'll turn it on and watch it until the next innovation comes along. He'll never read a manual, run a diagnostic, take any measurements or make any adjustment to the system except to turn the volume up or off. He is an "apex consumer" in the eyes of the companies that make this gear and the networks that provide programming for it--pays full price when it first comes out, asks no questions and doesn't complain unless it is obviously broken. Sound bars are, face it, bull****. But they have high "Wife Acceptance Factor" for a TV speaker system.

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