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they have no blu-ray or DVD player rendering the system entirely useless. Everything they watch is in stereo. Good luck explaining that to people like them.
Well, I think Dolby understands that.
Thats why they created a Atmos sound bar and called it a blown away bla-bla-bla thing.
Again when I was at their presentation and asked to compare their Atmos from-a-bar to a regular stereo, they gently tried to get me out of the room.
Because stereo sounded much-much better.
But this doesn't matter at all for the consumers. Dolby wants them to say: "I now have a true theatrical immersive sound in my home. The quality is not a function. What does matter is that Dolby wants the Atmos to be "a standard" everywhere. They don't own stereo or 5.1, but they do the Atmos.