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How many "Atmos Theaters" are there near you in your country?
So much this. I have been wanting to see a movie in dolby atmos for 2 years now. In that time, whenever a movie came out that I actually wanted to see, it wasn't available in Atmos, or if it was, i'd have to drive halfway across LA to see it, and only at hugely inconvenient times.

If it's clearly not a big deal for top-level blockbusters, then I think it's a bit silly to think indie directors and producers have the need for their film be mixed for atmos playback.

That said, the concept is cool as hell, I'd love to hear one some day. However we live in a world where I went to my friend's parent's house in Sherman Oaks where they have an atmos home theatre in their living room. And they have no blu-ray or DVD player rendering the system entirely useless. Everything they watch is in stereo. Good luck explaining that to people like them.

Also, every month I get a project with mono music or garbage MP3 music and I have to (as an exercise in futility) attempt to explain why this isn't good. They never care.