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I was just a elementary school kid when this was popular, but, forgive my ignorance, how did they make the music? "Get Into the Grove", I`m guessing, is someone playing a keyboard into a sampler? It repeats too perfect, and it`s very fast and a LOT of notes. The album has basically the same synth sounds. I`m just asking questions, don`t shoot me. Yes, I really like old Madonna songs.
From Wikipedia:

Madonna (retitled Madonna: The First Album for the 1985 rerelease) is the debut album by American singer and songwriter Madonna, released on July 27, 1983 by Sire Records. After having established herself as a singer in downtown New York City, Madonna was signed by Sire Record president Seymour Stein following the success of her 1982 single "Everybody". Unhappy with the work of producer Reggie Lucas, Madonna invited John "Jellybean" Benitez to complete the album, who remixed three tracks and produced "Holiday".

Madonna has an upbeat synthetic disco sound, using new technology of the time, including the Linn drum machine, Moog bass and Oberheim OB-X synthesizer. Madonna sings in a bright, girlish timbre, with lyrics about love and relationships. She solely wrote five of the album's eight tracks. To promote the album, Madonna performed one-off gigs in clubs and on television in the United States and United Kingdom throughout 1983–84, followed by the Virgin Tour in 1985. Five singles were released, including the international top-ten hits "Holiday", "Lucky Star", and "Borderline". Their accompanying music videos were released on the Madonna video compilation, which became the best-selling videocassette of 1985 in the United States.