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Thanks so much!! Well put. And I'm ok with that,assuming the loss of performance is minimal.

What threw me off with that fabric test is that, I actually had some Guilford of Maine that I took off old panels that were given to me. I actually used them on the backs of all these panels. I felt I couldn't breath through those. And secondly, The corner panels you see with no art, those are covered acoustic suede from Acoustimac. I felt I couldn't breath through that either.

Either I'm not doing the test right or I have to get my lungs checked.

It would be so cool if someone could actually test the tapestry fabric's acoustic properties. I feel this would be a wet dream for anyone building their own panels that wants to customize the look since they have millions of every style of art and photos.
There wasn't much guidance, in general, about what terrible things would happen to one's panels if the fabric wasn't breathable, or what the sliding scale of breathability was. But from what I've been able to piece together it (a) only affects the upper frequencies; and (b) not by very much.

I warned the assistant in John Lewis's fabric department that I was looking for fabric with which to front acoustic panels, and that I was going to attempt to breathe through any samples I liked. Which, duly, I did. This being England, he didn't bat an eyelid, though I assume he had a good laugh about it later! You definitely CAN tell the difference in airflow, and in particular I noticed a huge difference between more robust, tight weave, and the fabric I bought, where you can clearly see the fabric weaving in and out of itself. (And where, if you've not done it before, you can belatedly see clearly where you've cut across the weave on some panels, and with it on others!)

But most of the non-breathable ones all feel the same - and it was only when I identified some more obviously criss-crossed fabric that I went "ah, okay, this must be what they mean by 'breathable' ".