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Thanks for the reply.
Right at 5:07 in the video you linked above, when the resonance is up and the cutoff gets turned down about half way - that's kinda the sound I'm after.

As for a song reference, the first thing that comes to mind is the intro to "Pearl's Girl" by Underworld. I don't know for sure this is a Juno, but I would kind of be surprised if it wasn't.
The first 30 seconds of this:

I worked off the first video. I used a slightly detuned saw and square, plus another quieter saw an octave up with a bit of noise. I threw some ensemble effect of there (a little goes a long way). I played with the different filter models, but the TB sounded right (the 12/24 models are a bit blah to my ears, the Moog style was too “in your face”). Once you’ve filtered out so many of your harmonics, I feel like the effects are doing most of the work.

I had a hard time matching the presence of the Juno. At 50% resonance and low filter, you could get some punch by dialing in the gain, but as soon as the LFO starts opening the filter, the tone is gone and you get very digital sounding distortion. I decided to go without the gain for the demo, but I think you could get a little closer if you just wanted a static sound. Your mileage may vary if you are a better synthesist than I am.
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