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Looking for some opinions here, or demos - anyone with an A1 care to weigh in on whether or not any of the filters can do a good Roland impersonation? Juno 60 type resonance is what I'm looking for. It seems to have a the nice chorus sound down, just wondering about the filter types.

I know the Deep Mind 12 is pretty good at that sound, but there are plenty of features on the Nord that I like better (no menu diving, performance-oriented patch slots and layering, etc.)
I don't own a Juno,so I'll base my impressions on this demo

The NLA1 does a great job at the plucky stabs and ethereal pads. You've got plenty of oscillator shapes to work with, so you could choose a starting point and use the wave shaping to dial it in. What you aren't going to get with the Nord (or any VA for that matter) is the really high frequency sizzle in analog sound, or the breathy, slightly noisy envelopes. The TB filter emulation is fantastic and sells itself short as just a 303 emulation. It takes the gain the best, has a very musical response to the resonance, and is all around the most characterful. That would be my jumping off point for making some of the sounds in that video.

The chorus and ensemble effects will get you 90% of the way there with the proper programming. You can add some warble/pitch drift by layering two sounds (same osc/env/filter settings) and set pitch as the mod destination for the second, then have some slight pitch mod set for the envelope and LFO.

If you post a sound you want to get, I could try to match it. I may have some time this evening (life with a two year old, so exciting...). Truth in advertising, I'm actually planning to sell mine and put the money to a Sub 37.