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Then slowly been decorating, some cool lamps, furniture. And now I'm really pleased with how it turned out. Took a long time, and money. My brain is so full of unexpectedly learning how to do things like ductwork. My dad helped a lot. I still have to add a few more treatments like ceiling cloud and top corner panels. But things are sounding pretty good here so far. I get plenty of sound isolation in here. I think if I pushed it to the next level, it would've enormously increased time, cost, only for a few more dB's of reduction. I used double drywall, double studded walls. Single layer of ceiling I felt was ok since it's a detached structure. I didn't use green glue, float the floors, or resilient channels. I hired out only for framing, drywall, ductless AC installation, and electrical.

Here is the finished room! Hope you enjoyed!