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I then moved in, but a few months later I built the next round of treatments. Since this is first a composing room, Atmosphere and roominess were of utmost importance to me. That's why I opted for a big room and not splitting off a control room/recording room.

I had been researching all over about how to get art on the panels. Everyone's talking about acoustic fabrics here and testing them. I found They sell millions of cool artworks in the form of wall tapestries in various sizes that can get huge. I took the chance, and when it arrived it felt like a very thin muslin or bed sheet type material. I didn't test the acoustics of it, but common sense told me that it was super thin and can't possibly tamper with sound. I made the side wall panels 4 inches thick with OC705.

When I do record I wanted a folding portable booth. Hilariously called a gobo for some reason. So I loved the idea of putting artwork on it like some of the acoustic companies do now, and I still had 705 to work with so I made a cityscape gobo. NY on one side and LA on the other. 2 inches thick with hinges. When not in use, it folds and acts as the 4th corner trap.