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Lives for gear

interesting. sorry if this derails this thread.

I'm into sound design and sound art and pretty much all forms of electronic music. i don't play keys or guitar or any instrument well. i can noodle a little to get a melody out of my head then run with it in a sequencer. i enjoy programing a lot. making sounds.

there are a handful of artists who manage to combine wicked musical chops with technical wizardry and there are some who are just really smart and have a great ear for sounds and composition.

people who come to mind currently are squarepusher, aphex twin, richard devine, autechre, phoencia (brownout is brilliant) , Deru, proem, chris clark (especially his latest), funckarma, jamie lidell, plaid, rena jones, luke vibert, richie hawtin...

there's a song for every moment ya know? sometimes a well composed groovy track w/lot's of smart programing and processing hits the spot and sometimes pretty melodic stuff will do it. there's room for it all in my head and i'm more or less one of those people who likes to not know where the "1" is sometimes and not be caught up in a melodic progression and verse chorus verse song structure and enjoy hearing a song that starts somewhere and goes somewhere i don't expect. maybe the whole structure of the song is a simple morphing/evolving/progression of noise and beats.

but i love a catchy hook too.