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i have to disagree there. i love analog sounds and drum machines in general but there's just a wealth of possibilities for processing/synthesis and sequencing that just didn't exist "back then". plus... the vintage synths and machines are still around to play with too so you still can get those solid sounds as building blocks. not knocking the past. i embrace it. i just think sound design in general has made massive leaps especially what's going on in electronic music. you may have to look a little harder for it but it's definitely there. there's still a long thread of Morton Subotnik running through lot's of stuff these days.

i'm curious what younger artists you are into and what you find interesting or inspiring that was made at a later date?
The flexibility & options are much greater now, but it's been done at the cost of sound quality. The 70s and 80s equipment was largely made and afforded by a pro market that doesn't apply to most equipment used now. Those older sounds of the 60s-80s were the result of simple setups and source sounds that were superior to begin with. I'm not talking about sampling or recreating real sounds. Today's synths are almost entirely facsimilies of what was, to keep costs down, using different technologies. the good thing is that slowly the sounds are improving but it's taken two decades to see it.

I listen to various types of dance music, commercial jazz, new age, etc., am familiar with what they're using. Unfortunatlely, the vintage synths aren't used as much as you'd think because everyone follows the next guy and wants to use more or less the same current sounds vs. a vintage synth that's more expensive to acquire and use, for minimal benefit. Same thing with drum machines-the Roland sounds that have been in vogue for decades were never really great for the most part, were adopted long ago for reasons other than sound quality, and persist like bad breath. Back in the day before they were in vogue, those same Rolands were usually used when something better wasn't affordable.