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Old 9th May 2007
Lives for gear

Artists I've found influencial, hmm I'd have to say Future Sound of London "Lifeforms" changed the way I thought about electronic music. Soon after I was very into Mixmaster Morris aka Irresistable Force, especially "Global Chillage". Around the same time the Orb, "UForb" and "Orbvs Terrarvm".

Various ambient artists like Bioshpere and Fax Label artists, such as Testu Inoue.., also Atom Heart and his myriad quirky releases on the Rather Interesting Label.

Later I became more fixated on hard Techno rhythms and production, particularly Adam Beyer, Marco Carola, Glenn Wilson, Hertz, etc.

Also into 70s Dub reggae, and more chilled out electro/acoustic sounding stuff like Kruder Dorfmeister.

I really like learning how to make modern sounding techno, partially cause I'm a drummer, but I think ambient/meditation music can be very powerful so I hope to do some of that style later on.