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Originally posted by imacgreg
I can't remember who it was, but someone once said that they really like room mics placed so that the sound has got to bend around a couple walls, etc. From my limited experience with this technique, I like it as well. Anyone have any samples of drum (or anything) room mics that couldn't "see" the source?

Rumor has it that the drum breaks on Phil Colin's "In the Air Tonight" where some mics that were hooked up and put in a closet to get them out of the way, and they un-muted them just in those "CHUM-CHUM CHUM-CHUM CHUMCHUM" breaks for the massiveness.

I once reamped a guitar cab (with like 7 extention cords) and pointed it into a water drainage and placed a mic on the next gutter opening (about 20 XLR's) and a reverb. Pissed the whole neighborhood off, but it was the closet thing to the "grand cayon" we could come up with. We've been looking for alternative permanate ways to do this ever since: Auratone on the sewer pipe and a PZM on the toliet, a perm speaker in a hidden sewer manhole and perm mic in another, etc...