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Hi Russell?
Do you ever use that old school technique to process the lead vocal with a crossover and compressors per band ( a la Muliband compressor) ? if not do you have a special technique that you may use sometimes that can be interesting?
hello amiel,

i use all types of processing for vocals and try different things for different vocalists. though sometimes i'll get an initial sound and the vocalist will walk in and love it and won't want me to change it. the la2a has always been one of my favorite vocal compressors and will always give me a good sound and good level control without sounding too compressed. most of D'angelo's vocals were tracked through an La2a. but i've used all kinds of compressors at one time or another for vocals including the SSL 9K channel compressors. i do like the 1178, fairman tsc and 670 on backgrounds. i don't really get too deep to go as far as using a multiband compressor unless i'm going for an effect or fixing a bad vocal sound.

as far as eq's i like neves, focusrite isa110's, helios type 69 and pultec eqp or eqh. i don't have a real technique, but i do a lot of vocal riding of both lead and backgrounds. i kind of just keep tweaking and riding until the vocals are vibin...