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I did some more comparisons today and TB's reverb is sounding quite good. I won't mention the names, but I have most of the popular high end reverb plugins, and have spent a lot of time comparing them on various sources.

While the best convolution reverbs tend to give a sense of variation in depth with some IRs (halls, stages, etc with a "bloom" in the mids/lows halfway through the late reflection's decay time), TB (and most algorithmic reverbs) tends to decay more linearly, which is fairly typical of algorithmic reverbs. With the frequency decay feature, this can be altered to some degree. (Fabfilter's ProR does this, but suffers from clear filter resonance sweeps when using the envelope on decay. TB's envelope does not have this resonance sweep problem, so I ended up preferring TB over ProR in this instance).

The problem with IR based reverbs is that even in true stereo configurations, they really don't respond to panned source material (likely due to the recording process with the IR or the space itself). You still get a centered stereo late reflection. TB does create a little wider space, without being unnatural.

What is great about TB is it sounds quite good with lower cpu usage than any of the more expensive options (that I have at least). It may not replace the other options completely as each has something unique for certain uses; but it is a great complement to, and competes equally with the best reverb plugins I have, covering cases the others don't do as well (such as creating a more linear decay with frequency dependence; more separation between sources across the stereo field etc).

For $22, it can't be beat.