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To answer the question above, "I would be curious to know how you would use, say,a roll of 25' x 4.5' x 1/8" MLV? As you suggest it is best { if I understand correctly} being suspended and unattached, by what means would you secure it to whatever part of a build you were using it on? ... that you would even use such an inferior material but humor me this once if you would be so kind."
Firstly, MLV is not inferior. It is the technique with which it is used that causes it to be nearly useless.
I show, in the attached drawing {link}, how to properly use Mass Loaded Vinyl for sound-proofing and improved LF transmission loss.
Normally, this technique is not necessary and I rarely use it, as I have said, only for mobile sound-proofing installations.

Question everything. Especially people who want you to spend a lot of money when common sense tells you otherwise. Beware of unscrupulous merchants.

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TomcaTT87, I think you got your money's worth on this thread. LOL