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I like LA-2A's, 1176's, LA-3A's, Retro 176's, Distressor's... Anything that can give me a lot of compression at times while staying very transparent... It is not often I put more than one compressor in the recording chain but that has been the case at times... I use an LA-2A the most and then a distressor second... I only personally own a Blue Stripe 1176 and it's only good for mixing vocals through not recording... I'm not afraid at all to have 10 or 12 db of compression going in as long as it sounds transparent... Then in mix I often hit it even harder... I go light on EQ and only really ever filter off a little bottom and open ups the top, never EQ in the middle if that feel like something I need I have the wrong mic for the voice... I often have the singer try several mic to find the best one and then take that mic and audition mic pres and find the best fit as well, then take the recorded signal and audition compressors, the step where I can give the singer a break form the mundane take of choosing or if they are into it have them keep singing...