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I set the Punch Brothers up all in the same room with them facing each other in a large circle... The vocal was live in some cases... I did use some gobos to have better control over the leakage but no one was in isolation... Each instrument was mic'ed with three microphones, each chosen to be flattering to the instrument but different sounding to yield a flexible combination to have the recorded sound be malleable... I then took one of the microphone signals for each instrument and reamped it live into an amp placed in isolation for each player, mic'ing the amp separately and adding pedals into the signal chain into the amp with bold but suitable effects... The chamber was available to be used on a desk send to be printed live... I had a couple monitor wedges out in the room with the band that I occasionally sent signal from the desk of the band, an instrument, or an effect back into the room to excite the sound of the room more around the instruments... There was a Leslie speaker cabinet available on a send as well for effect... I relied mainly on leakage for room tones but did have a omni situation in the middle of the circle to use as desired... & yes my approach is to record the sound of the record I'm going for and make it feel right as it goes down and then accentuate and mold it in mix, that's not to say I don't at times do radical things in the mix but they are the exception not the rule... Just go for it and yes the Quad 8 was used as the gain makeup and mix buss EQ on the Folcrum passive summing box for the mix stems... Thanks