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When I started out all I was thinking about was learning how to make records and I trained as an engineer to get going... I didn't know or think about the roles and as I started to engineer small projects I'd end up participating in the creative process, I always felt like I could help and guide the process... I never worked under a producer for a long stretch but could see how that worked and saw more engineer/producers in action than just strictly producers... I was inspired by Tom Dowd, Ruddy Van Gelder, John Hammond, Jimi Hendrix, Rick Rubin, Brendan O'Brian to name a few... I came out naturally and my musical background is starting to play a little guitar & bass as a teenager, getting into samplers and early hip hop and sampled music making... I decided the studio was my instrument more than anything and I'm still learning about it all today... Producers come in all forms and you just need to be the creative partner to help an artist achieve their vision