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Artists if they have strong preferences will tell you and you should always ask. In the case of Dallas he said he liked reverb so I sought out the ones I thought sounded best for him which ended up as the BX-20 (UA) and 140 plate (Altiverb) and sometimes something else with Echoboy delays & Microshift ... Tom Waits want to hear the room tone so you record him in a space with warm early reflections and put up ambient mic or re-amp his voice into a room... Caleb Followill liked a little verb and slap so Altiverb 140 and 250 with Echoboy space echo and echplex emulations & sometimes a Cooper Time Cube in tracking, & recording some backgrounds through a Leslie speaker... Norah Jones just nice plate sounds and Digitech analog delay... Just whatever is distinct and accentuates the vocal without clouding it or covering it up, living side by side to serve it up