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Did you miss my post earlier? It's not a 150% improvement.

EDIT: Again for those who missed it;

Frank: "I ran 22 miles today."
Joe: "How long was your last run?"
Frank: "The last one was 18 miles."

Q: How much did Frank improve?
A: He improved 4 miles.
Q: How many percent is that improvement?
A: 22%
Q: How do we know?
A: Because 18 x 0.22 = 4 (3. 96 to be exact).

In contrast: How much is 122% of 18? It is 21.96. And was Frank's improvement 22 miles?
I really think you are trying to argue a very small point here. For the record I'm not going to pointlessly engage with you on this matter any more when everyone can see all of my data and clearly understand what I meant. You are simply trying to distract from what really needs to be talked about.