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Asking advice selling motored bicycle?

Or: Neighbor gave me motor bike. Me wants a Zoom alright

My very cool neighbor and his wife moved away the other day; I'd serviced their computers for the last 7-ish years.

Of course when people move, neighbors get stuff, but this was unexpected, he told me I could sell it, which I want to do because I'd rather get a nice Zoom and head to the sticks for nature recordings as well as planes, trains and automobiles.

All it lacks is a helmet with a spike.

Because I don't ever sell stuff like this, I'm reaching out for advice to keep from getting burned by predators. The neighbor says it runs great but there's a slight gas leak between the tank and the valve. It takes mixed gas. But the condition is exactly what you see here and it was stored indoors for the last 3-4 years I know of.

Personally I think it's so cool on it's own it would be better hung high on the wall of a fine drinking establishment and never worry about someone getting stranded out in the middle of nowhere.

So how can I get it sold and buy that Zoom I'm after? I figure it's worth that minimum. Don't know where to start and I'd like to avoid the online sales places that attract axe murderers you know