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It's what you do with it that counts.

I cut a vocal 20 years ago! .... on an AKG C3000 £200 into a tiny Art Tube MP that cost me £40 into a LA Audio mono compressor £100.

It was an inspired performance - full of emotion and sounded great.

I tried to re-record the song a few weeks ago on my current vocal chain which is considerably more expensive than my chain 20 years ago.

And although the sound was obviously better quality and better resolution and all that - you know I couldn't re-capture the magic and it just didn't "sound" as good in the broader sense of the word.

Great gear is nice to have - magic is essential.
Exactly! So important not to conflate audio "quality" with performance. I have had the same experience. When there's magic, you recognize it and build around it. Strive for quality while you record but performance trumps everything!

Good on ya for being able to allow the "producer" hat to override the "engineer" hat to preserve the performer's performance! It's a split personality situation!