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Hi guys!

I decided to bench test the new 1800x Ryzen CPU against Intel's 6900K offering for audio related tasks. I took the benchmark files you can find on and customized them to test more popular plugins:

Fabfilter Pro-MB, Fabfilter Pro-Q, and Kramer Tape.

DawBench also lacked Ableton test files so I replicated their testing environment and have included my modified benchmark files in the video description.

Would love to hear what you guys think!
I don't think the wording in your conclusion is appropriate. When you say that one thing (X) has an advantage over another (Y) and then quantify that advantage, I'm guessing most people will perceive that as

X-Y = advantage as an absolute number, and
(X-Y)/Y = advantage as a percentage of change.

Imagine that we're discussing you and I competing in a marathon, and you complain that I had an unfair advantage. You could for example say "Well, Mattias got to start 15 minutes before me". So what you're doing is describing the delta, the advantage itself. In other words, reading only your conclusion you make it seem that going from an 1800x to a 6900k I can expect an advantage, i.e. a positive change or increase, of 152.79% over the 1800x. If that was true then on average if the 1800x could run 100 plugins the advantage itself would 152 more plugins, for a total of 252 plugins.

Looking at your data though it seems to be completely in line with what one would expect with a competitive chip. The difference itself isn't 152%, it's 52%, and that roughly mirrors its price.

Also - a possibly dumb question: Are you entirely sure that processing is actually taking place when those channels are muted/have volume turned down? I'm just curious because I know that some DAWs won't have instances take up resources fully if there's no audio flowing through them, and the difference between the DAWs was so tremendous. Could you maybe test it by simply turning down the master and turning up the volume on those channels?