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I take it these Kramers count as stereo instances? According to the stats on Waves' Soundgrid Servers, the Kramer in mono gets 128 at 44k and 44 at 96k. They told me you would halve those values for stereo instances.

This is another test from this forum:

In Pro Tools he's getting 88 Kramers in stereo in a 48k session. Does this mean on a Ryzen 1800x in Pro Tools you'd only be getting 40 some Kramers compared to 184 in Reaper? My assumption is that the 1800x wouldn't enable one to run a ton more Kramers in Pro Tools when compared to the 1700. Seems amazing to me that Reaper could have such a drastic performance improvement over PT. That's a difference of almost 140 instances. I guess the sessions could be setup differently and that could contribute. Definitely interested in hearing everyone's thoughts on these.