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With upcoming Threadripper we will not compare the audio performance of an 8 core AMD vs an Intel 8 core. But the best performance you get from a system for your money.
This is not really related to some upcoming products, you can already do that.. and I believe, for the majority of people here (eg. non-professionals) the price/value ratio is major attribute for their decision. So pricewise R7 1800X is comparable rather to 6800K or 6850K.

Anyway there is always something behind the corner.. for someone it is Threadripper, for others it can be i9. It will never stops.. whenever you look for hardware, you'll always find some recommendation to wait for some forthcoming product.

5K for an iMac 8 core to run a FL project on a 16 core Ryzen doesn't sound like a smart investment to me at the moment.
I don't really get that.. Well if someone relies on Fruity Loops, he likely works at PC.. If someone has complete Mac based environment, then he will likely consider lot of another factors than just sheer CPU power.
Other thing is that core count mantra 8>6, 6>4, 18 kill-em-all.. doesn't really applies to all situations.