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I like to do a modest amount of listening to the whole multitrack and rough before starting but I'll quickly dive in and want to get to building with the parts as soon as I can to find the thread of energy that I can attach to. You have to have a patient and open minded approach. If it's been a minute since I mixed or if I've been working in other rooms I want to spend a minute listening to some of my other work to get comfortable again in front of my speakers. I only reference the rough for attitude and check balances to make sure I'm not overplaying or underselling anything that is part of the track based on how the creators were listening. I always want the main elements to have a character that sets them apart in the whole but is complimentary for the total. It's a black art and I just at the end of the day do what feels good to me and most of the time it works well and then there are times that you make a great mix and it's just not the thing that people ultimately want and they move on with another mix and mixer... can't worry about that stuff