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Old 9th June 2017
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The sound of a recording playing back in correct polarity... A famous engineer once commented to me on the effect of the polarity switch and its associated sound... that got me thinking... Before, even though I considered that polarity matching on multiple micing schemes was important, I didn't consider the difference in the sound of polarity and then it's cumulative result with different instruments... something that has meant ton to mixing properly... I'm always going on about it..

My brain is not coming up with much for this question... sorry to fall short here..

Others that come to mind are really understanding the power and use of parallel processing... Having a good mixing template to get a song laid out in to get to the creative connection in mixing faster... Not working crazy long hours in the studio makes for better results... not over fixing tracks while in the process of building a master up and waiting a a few uneasy moments until it's done and see if they are really a problem