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Very interesting to see some DAWbench testing outside of the established box so to speak, I never got around to porting to Ableton , so great to see you have managed to port the session across.

The sessions can used as templates for any plugin yoiu prefer to test with, I am confused how you manged to get 5 thousand instances activated in the session tho ?

Might have been an idea to test at other latencies lower than 1024 to get a better overview.

Sure, I had to expand the testing environment to way more than 40 tracks to achieve this. Instead of 40 tracks, I made the environment 70 tracks, each loaded with 8, and then called that grouping a "block", and then duplicated that grouping a bunch.

It was a very long test, took me nearly an hour to complete! In the end I had 10 groups of 70 tracks in each all fully loaded before capping out in Reaper testing with Pro-Q.

Also, an interesting aside which I will make another video on. fabfilter pro-q was actually more resource efficient than Ableton's stock EQ plugin. I will test it against other stock eq plugins as well (such as Reaper's stock EQ plugin).

EDIT: Just saw you edited your post to include a question about interface. This was testing with my Lynx Hilo Mastering DAC