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Old 8th June 2017
I have CFS/ME so this is a normal day in quotation marks.
Up at 5 am without a single alarm.
Power up studio equipment, prepare coffee.
Turn on computer.
Empty litter boxes and fill food & water bowls.
Rest & vape like a mofo. Drink coffee.
Feed chickens & deflate cows.
Check email.
Rest and vape like a mofo. Drink coffee.
Read Roll Call.
Comment on Gearslutz.
Check Twitter for ISIS accounts & report.
Sweep and mop floors.
Rest and vape like a mofo. Drink coffee.
Go into studio and lay down a few tracks of tune that came to me right as I was drifting off last night that forced me to get up again and sketch it into my Android mobile.
Start dinner.
Rest and vape like a mofo. Finish pot of coffee. Start new pot.
Work in studio a bit more.
Begrudgingly eat dinner when family gets home.
Vape like a mofo and crash from the effects of food.
Wake up 3 hours later, empty litter boxes, fill food & water bowls.
Listen to new tracks, then power down studio.
Rest and vape like a mofo, drink coffee, and work on Ancestry tree.
Coop chickens & deflate cows.
Back in bed by 7.
Troll new ISIS accounts on Twitter via my Android.
Check email once more.
Lights off by 9.
Get back out of bed right before I drift off in order to sketch new tune into my Android mobile.
Go back to bed.