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It's a puff piece written by Billy Tuchscher. It's basically marketing and advertising for the company, most likely so he can sell it to some other sucker. LOL Is he still running the business out of the UPS store in Las Vegas?

just checked the website... yup, he is.!/contact-us

3540 W. Sahara Ave.
Suite 311
Las Vegas, NV 89102!8i6656

MD's, uh-hem, WORLD headquarters. Mailbox, I mean, "SUITE" 311 inside the UPS store.
Thanks for your research Etch!!! Yup, looks like he is trying to flip it then.... correct me if I'm wrong, but they don't actually own most of the music IP correct? Perhaps some, but basically artists have been giving them material non-exclusively for awhile (at least from what I now and what friends of mine in bands etc have done)... so the only IP they would have would be their front end interface and years of meta-tagging etc?