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Old 30th May 2017
Thumbs up Welcome Jacquire!

A big welcome to Jacquire from the team here at GS, and a big thanks to Universal Audio for helping to hook this all up!

Jacquire will start answering questions from next Monday - June 5th - but you can presubmit questions from NOW.

(Please submit your questions as new threads, do not reply to this one with new questions, they will be removed!)

Universal Audio is as excited for Jacquire to be here as we are so they are going to hook up GS members who ask the best questions with some plugins. We're still working out all the details but the top three questions as chosen by Jacquire at the end of the Q+A will get some free stuff!

Please read the Q+A rules if you haven't already for details on how this all works - enjoy the next few weeks.