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Lives for gear

I use reverb a lot, and have sold the majority of my gear there. Gear just sit too long on GS, unless it's a killer deal people (myself included) will look elsewhere for a steal rather than whats the going rate, ime. On reverb however, there are so many people looking, and it's all only music related gear so you know your audience, plus as you mentioned there are a lot of foolish people shooting too high in hopes of being haggled down to the going rate (que lowballers); so listing things at a very attractive and reasonable offer sells easily. I listed a synth yesterday morning -- everyone else is selling their used units for a ridiculous 10% less than new, mine was 25% off, and I sold it by 8pm.

eBay is fine but that's where I go to get deals, reverb is where you get your money back, GS....idk I see people asking for absurdly high prices on gear here too, yet no buyers protection (other than what PayPal will provide). I bought my synth on eBay new at 25% off, and sold it for the same price on reverb because it was still the lowest priced model, haha. Gotta love it. I paid my rent for 3 months buying and selling gear when I quite my job 2 years ago, the gear trade is nuts these days.