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What is the thinking here on the best place to buy and sell gear? I don't think I am the first one to notice that some folks selling on reverb have unrealistic price aspirations. This is what I am seeing and thinking now--I am interested on what other folks experience is:

Gearslutz--I have purchased two items here, items priced reasonably and arrived in mint condition. I do notice a lot of items in gearslutz are links to reverb or ebay. Does GS charge the seller for completed sales?

Reverb--I have set up a 'store' there and had a couple of items for sale, but nothing moved yet. I recall one item where the price was $1,000 for a small 19 inch used device with $100 shipping within us--my estimate for actual fedex shipping of this would be $25. This can be purchased for $1,100 new at sweetwater with free shipping. Dude???

Not seeing much action on my sale items on reverb, got a lowball offer on one, and reverb has a nice 'block lowball' option you can set to block offers less than 65% of asking price.

Reverb is not an exclusive sale--you can sell elsewhere and cancel the reverb advertisement no cost. Are there enough people on reverb for an auction there to work?

I think reverb ends up taking 6%, but maybe paypal gets another 3%--not sure.

Ebay--old faithful for me. I like the idea of an auction when I want to be done with a sale in a week and I feel like I got a fair price for it. There have been times I got way less than I hoped--sometimes, but I don't see that as a big problem.

This is where I have my 100+ positive feedback--on gs and reverb, I am a noob. I think ebay takes a rapacious 10% of the sale price, and I read a comment they charge a percent of the shipping fee as well.

Can you sell an item outside of ebay and cancel the ebay ad? Yes, if there are no bids--I just did that. Once the auction is engaged, I think its bad form to cancel the ad--and I agree and have no problem with that. Once the game is afoot, its unsportsmanlike to cancel the auction.

So, kind of my biggest question is whether reverb is worth messing around with or if its some sort of museum of equipment. Does ebay have way more pro audio purchasers looking at stuff than reverb? Does ebay get better prices, even though it takes a bigger cut off the top? Thanks.

PS: I use craigslist as well--especially for large or heavy items where the shipping would be 50% of the sale price. Thing is, the prices have to get pretty low to move, hence ebay. I will usually put any item on craigslist first and move to ebay if no action after a week. I need to remember that ebay takes 10% when selling locally though...