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10 mics through each of 21 preamps. But you left out some mics (251, C800G, C12 and you can't do ribbons without including the standards 44 and 77DX) and preamps (V72, OP6, Martech, RND Shelford, Apollo, Focusrite Scarlett) that a lot of people would want to hear.

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For the preamp shootout, you should work your way around two ends. The low end and the high end.

The important mics for this would be:
Moving coil: SM57, SM7B, RE-20, 421
LDC: U170R, U87, One good 47 or 67 flavor.
Ribbons: Coles 4038, AEA 84, Royer 121

Pick one ore two more transformerless mic's that will be largely changed by the preamp.

Around the low end under $1000, one and two channel units
RNP, Black lion Auteur, Gap 73, Warm12, Audient 8 channel, Tone beast, Grace 101, Isa One, AEA TRP, Daking One, 610

And then to sky is the limit:
API, NEVE, Millenium, Chandler, DW Fern, Pacifica, Forsell, Tube tech
Make sure to include 73, 76, 12 flavors

Neve w/ inductor EQ's and alternates EQ's and preamps for same effect.
Say a Jenson transformer with another Inductor EQ

The starting points should be a
U87 through 1073
RE-20 Through Isa One
Coles though AEA TRP
SM57 through API

The format should be one singer behind a drum set. MONO overhead position, performers sings/talks up into mic (like the name of the mic), jingles a set of keys, walks around the kit loudly, then plays a bit of a drum set.

The goal here is to find the right matches and point out bad matches, the results should help determine the right preamps for ribbons, and transformerless moving coil, LDC's, and low gain mic's. Common mic's are used as reference points like the SM57, and U87, and RE-20.

Leave compressors out of this, another can of worms.

Best broken into three sessions: Low end preamp, High end preamp, best preamp +EQ for drums. The blend of LDC, Tube, Moving coil w/ trans former, Moving coil WO/ transformer, and ribbon is the key.