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Old 21st May 2017
Pretty happy with my CM6 so far - recon it covers what I needed it to cover, and can imagine getting some good use out of it!

I'm not the most experienced mic user ever, my other mic is a Horch though, which is hot sh+t, and have demo'd Chandlers Redd mic which is a is closer to the CM6 than the Horch in sound. The Redd might have a little more magic up top and more reach - but am mighty impressed with the CM6, at any price.

Liking it through my Fearn VT1 very much.

Its low noise - really solid heavy build. a big

Not a huge fan of the typography on the body or the nickel finish on the centre section - both give the mic a cheaper look than it deserves, but in space no-one can see you sing
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