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Hi again,

Decided to try a CM6 out. Just arrived, will test it tomorrow morning. I got a vintage Telefunken tube from Bowie for it too.

First impressions, body of mic and power supply feel more heavy duty than some mics I've tried that are more expensive.

I'd prefer chromed body to nickel effect body in removable middle section, so might get it chromed up if can find someone to do it cheap.

Quick question - noticed the capsule sits REALLY high inside the head basket. Lo-fi photo below... The top third of the capsule is above metal band of basket. I was curious if it's the same on all your CM6's?? Please check and tell me!
How do you like the Stellar CM6? I recently had a Copperhead and Amethyst Vintage here at the same time. The tube definitely gives you a bigger sound with the Copperhead. For a pop vocal mic, it's the Copperhead, so easy to EQ, totally agree it's my favorite Telefunken mic. Trying to get one to own shortly.