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Absolutely , I find it hard to believe that my Id14 that cost 189 pounds has the same quality of a console that costs many thousands , ,ot is all just marketing hype , however as you rightly said , for the price point I don't think there is much competion , , I had a scarlet 2i4 , I didn't like it that much , I know many people love them but for me I found the pre amps to be a little dark sounding . .I might be wrong but that's how it sounded to me..
the Id14 pres sound more open and clear to me , and I did actually have a id22 before the Id14 , but it developed a nasty crackle on input one when turning the gain up or down , and as I wasn't using all the features on the Id22 I went for the Id14 , I can say that from memory I don't think there was a difference in the sound and if there was it wasn't anything that was noticeable ...but I didn't have the id22 that long , only a couple of weeks
Unfortunately, i think you're suffering from a cognitive bias, roughly speaking, it's called "priming", where you've already planted the seed in your brain to convince yourself that big things can't come in small packages.

You cannot measure the differences between different mixes made on different gear, especially if you KNOW what the gear used was - the only way to really know is to remove all visual cues and do a double blind test.

However, is it really worth it to you to go through all that trouble? Audient makes a terrific set of interfaces with expandability, that you can travel with and use to record anywhere, something you cannot do with the company's $42K console.

And if Audient say it's the same pre, I'm willing to believe them, the circuitry in a preamp has shrunk, along with everything else today - thanks to surface mount technology, which is in everything, including Neve, Summit, API and SSL preamps and high end analog synths, it's what makes it possible to enjoy such great sounding gear and keep it reliable and relatively affordable - and worth manufacturing! The latter of which is something we should all kneel down at the alter of SMT for

My take is for you to purchase the Audient, appreciate its quality and transparency and make tons of recordings! And invest in good mic's - which is more important!