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Old 18th May 2017
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I wonder how many people can afford a preamp as nice as the Millennia. Even in my commercial studio my best preamp is an Avalon 2022 which I Love but most would not put it in the class of the millennia. I don't know if this would be worth doing but I believe a great preamp can make lesser mics sound much better and better mics can still sound decent with cheaper preamps. What about doing this test using a cheap interface preamp like a Scarlett? Especially since more people listening to this shootout are more likely to be using something in that class. That would give them a better idea of how the mics would sound with their own setups. I would like to see if the cheap preamp makes the mics differences more pronounced or more diminished. This could demonstrate how important getting a better preamp is unless the interface preamp ends up being better than is widely thought. Maybe this is a crazy idea but it could be very educational for us all. Thanks.