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Hi Russel,
first thank you so much for sharing all the knowledge and musical vibe. I really appreciate that. It really helped me further (technical and in music creation).
My question: Do The Roots (Ahmir) use a click track when recording?
With my actual hiphop band we record a new song (with live drummer). Now, not as usual, the drummer will come in later. So I first programmed a beat. Bass and guitar wil be performed over that. The drummer comes later. I hope that the human factor won't get lost (and the drummer can work around the beat - I may mute the programmed drums and give him a click. What he wants).
What do you suggest? A short answer I would appreciate.
Peace D'Andrew/ Germany
hello d'andrew,

thanks for the comps heh.
i'd say 90% of the time ahmir will play to a click or he'll play to a beat he creates in the mpc. and sometimes he's playing to a loop that we're trying to recreate. i think it's perfectly okay to record the drummer last. it depends on the drummer and how able he is to play to a click. some drummers can play better without a click and others can play right on it. if the drummer is playing a constant pattern and he's not doing a lot of improvising and fills, then recording him before or after doesn't make a huge difference. but there is the interaction between the musicians that can bring nice suprises in their performances if they all play together.

all the best