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interesting topic for sure.

Pro audio it hink is a lot like music ins the sense that you don't want music that sounds too new and want something that sounds like X but with a little like X with maybe a marketing twist. remember trying to describe Korn back in the day? (man im old)
so with mics its similar I think since people most covet those u67 and u87 when many other mics sound similarly good.
ITs mainly because there have been so many hits done with u87 that people/engineers want that sounds. but can another brand at similar price point achieve this? for sure! would anyone notice if other mics would have been used? so now all this lines of never endless clones of those mics but people want the original. with all the advances on technologies, cant we figure out a better sounding mic that one from 60 years ago?!?

The above Is my theory when it comes to producers and engineers.. but this thread brings in a new twist; newbies go into the studios looking for mics that their heros use when they record because that's what they see on videos. and that's the whole world of youtube we have entered. those clients want to be seen with the same mics those big stars use.