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Today i notice something with my Klasiks. When i play a fat analog bass pad with frequency up to 160hz not even very loud but at good volume then both of my monitors are making a light rattling sound. Something is vibrating but don't know what it is exactly. Do anyone have the same issue ?

ps: i tried with other type of tracks and at a certain volume the same rattling/vibration occurs again. Since now it's a bit late at night to make extensive tests because of neighbors, i'll make some more tomorrow to localize where the rattle come from.
Have you picked up the Klasiks recently by the bass port? The port itself is actually just a snug fit in, to allow it to be removed for access to the electronics. If you have moved the monitors by the bass port it is possible for it to come slightly loose. Just ensure that it is sitting snug against the back-plate of the amp.