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Here for the gear
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There's a lot of great new analog monos & polys. Unfortunately, none of them seem to have that 'special something' that all of my vintage boards do. Can't say I have a clue why either. I'm not saying this to make the old stuff seem special, etc. Believe me, I wish the stuff they were making had that 'vintage' sound! It would be to my advantage as I would be able to buy 'that sound' for the prices the new stuff sells for! Lucky for me, I bought all of my synths in the late '90s - early 2000s before they tripled in price. Those were the days of $700 TR-808s, $400 SH-101s (and Pro-Ones). I think my Super Jupiter MKS-80 was $500. I decided to really splash out when I spent $1,000 on a VG+ Minimoog (with smooth pitch & mod wheels). I remember feeling like I probably payed too much.