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If (and that's a big IF) there was a part 2....

Some of the original feedback we received when this was released was along the lines of

"Wow, you left out the ____?"
"Man, I was shopping for _____ and would love to hear it in the lineup!"
"No Mic Shootout is complete without a ______!!!!"

Let me stipulate right up front that projects like this take a Herculean amount of effort (hundreds of hours not only in coordination and recording, but also design, web implementation, photography, videography, etc.) and it is not a task that is taken on lightly. That's probably why something on this scale has only ever been attempted twice in the history of recording. So know that this question in no way should be considered as an acknowledgment that we are planning to attempt such a large-scale project again.

However if we were going to do another one, what mics would you want to hear? I will be very honest and admit that we will not include mics we don't sell. But take a look at our microphone offerings and see what mics you'd like to hear that we did not include this time.

Be aware that when you click that link, you're going to see some big numbers of mics to look through. We carry a LOT of mics. A quick scan through the site reveals (these also include bundles [mic with stand and cable and/or preamp] so they are higher than the actual number of different mics we carry):

Condensers - 520
Dynamics - 161
Ribbons - 52
Shotguns - 20
Wireless - 219

But see what there is that we didn't include this time that you'd like to be considered for inclusion if there is a next time.

Also, are there other sources that we should consider auditioning? I've got my own list but want to hear if there's something we may have missed.

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