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Someone commented to me today, after looking down the page at the Mic Shootout files, and said "Why is it that all microphones look alike?"

This is the mic I usually point to when people ask that question: the Gefell UM900. Of course, it's not really as ubiquitous as a U87 or a C12 now is it?

Well, it's like asking why "most" doorways look alike - it's because of the shape of humans - a reference to the film Forbidden Planet as the Krell had triangular shaped doorways - sorry for the strange digression.

"Most" microphones like alike for practical reasons - then occasionally designers step outside that.

I went through a phase of buying Blues mics, I had a KIWI and a Bottle system and whilst they did look cool I ended up not caring for their sound and sold them, so looks aren't everything.

But sure, instruments should be inspiring and I think my Wunder CM7 looks very classy and iconic as well as sounding sublime.

I think the new Redd mic looks fab too, as does a Bock 251 - mics are pretty sexy looking items when you think about it!