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There are so many variables when selecting mics, and the psychology cannot be underestimated. Tell me I'm not the only one who has ever encountered this.
Yep!! Gold (grill) Mic I thought about selling because it wasn't getting much use ended up nearly always set-up when there were newbies that came in for 1st time studio visit - that mic has a big footprint - the original CAD Equitek E-200. Can't remember the last time it was powered-up.

We had someone request a mic solely for a video shoot set-up as the vocal mic - Neumann U87 - one of my least favorite mics I have owned twice and sold twice. For that 10 song record we never used a U87 once, let alone use it for most recordings as other mic choices were better suited. Mileage will vary for use of mics. (Don't cringe about not liking the Neumann U87 - just simply glad to not have it collect dust - I found it overpriced and not logical to tie up $$ for its only occasional purpose. Not a bad mic, just a rarely used mic for us.) I remember having to have one in the 90's because that was one of the seemingly 'must have' mics to own for a studio (ug! almost always a wrong reason to own something - live and learn).

AEA Mics generally have an aesthetic allure, too. And, usually very useful, too. There are lots of examples of manufacturers mics that look cool as well as sound great.