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There has been a huge amount of development on MixBus so I might not agree 100% on Kodebode's insistence of a totally free upgrade but thought I'd add my experience to this thread...

My biggest problem now is the sour taste of Harrison's upgrade policy.

So, in my case, $249 for a "loyal" customer and $199 for new customers.

Not cool. Not cool at all.

I WON Mixbus 1.xx in a contest on this very board and to be honest have never used it that much.
I did pay to upgrade to version 2 and then 3, but drew the line at 4 for precisely the reasons you give.
Another aspect of this is that an awful lot of the development on Mixbus is, with the advent of LUA support, now being done by script-writing users, somewhat like in Reaper.
So not a huge development cost to Harrison there.