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I've mixed on a analog desk> tape for 20 years, I'm ready for something new. WhooHa.
hello tchad,

i hope you're having fun as i had, at the guest spot here. i finished up my Q&A just before you. it was quite hard remembering all the things i did but it was great fun. hope it all goes well for you too...

first i wanted to tell you that i enjoy listening to your work. nice to hear other people doing creative mixing and apporoach. i couldn't resist posting something on this thread. during my Q&A, i've made it quite clear that i'm not the biggest fan of mixing ITB. i'm wondering if jules filtered out some of the negative responses to my posts? (never would edit a guests posts! - Jules heh )i was suprised (as other people) that you're mixing primarily ITB. i've not been able to embrace the technology, sound or ergonmics of DAW's. i'm still doing about 75% of my tracking/mixing from and to tape. i know a lot of veteran engineer/producers that have gone completely DAW and to me it seemed like more convenience than preference. i see that you've got all the latest and greatest plug-ins and such but i still don't know how you could completely abandon the analog desk and outboard? i could just be completely ignorant because of my limited experience, but i'm curious to know your views from one experienced engineer to another.

--has the transition been a combination of convenience, budget and because you love the sound, editing and manipulation possibilities? or is it because you just want to try something new and nothing technically related at all?

--since you've had so much exposure to the best gear in the world, do you feel your DAW system and mixing ITB compromises depth and warmth as compared to an analog desk and outboard? or do you feel you can generally achieve the same results and all things are equal?

--what convertors and clocking do you prefer? i guess you're using less D/A these days but nonetheless, what's your preferences?

-- and what's your take on the fader at "0" equals optimum resolution theory. it's an issue that is not mentioned much and i'm wondering how much of that is a factor ITB. what's your thoughts?
("curve dominant" sent me this email in response to this---"This was an issue when the old PT Mix systems' internal processing operated at 24-bit fixed-point math. In those systems, reducing the fader level would indeed degrade the audio on that channel to an extent. Since the introduction of 48-bit fixed point internal math processing, and the dithered mixer, this is no longer an issue.") thanks eric!

all the best