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Originally Posted by boboji View Post
Its not as good as the VLZ although its probably fine if its not your main pre. Look at used Soundcraft Ghosts or Sountracs Topaz boards or Allen & Heath GL3300 or?????. Again I have a Mackie and I'm fine with it but if I had to do it all ove again I'd probably buy a ghost. Have you checked out the Toft ATB?
Yeah I had some suggestion on Topaz but where can I find one...? Also I'm in Canada and it seems it's more available in UK/Europe than in the States/Canada.

The Toft is way out of my budget. For ghost it's cool but since I'm not mixing OTB the nice EQ and what not would be wasted. All I need is better/less noisy pre (than my Yamaha MG), more channels and more routing.

Thanks for the info. It's not ideal but I have to look at SR24 instead of the 8-bus or Tascam as it's more available here in Canada (2nd hand boards).